JOY Summer Camp 2016

JOY Summer Camp 2016 has come to an end. The last few days have included more trips to the beach where fruit and ice creams were enjoyed 🙂 We have also enjoyed playing with water in the backyard of Internat Shagan. According to tradition we had a party for all the youths and children on the last day of camp. The party was great and everyone got to dance and enjoy music outside.

JOY Summer Camp 2016 has been two weeks filled with smiles, laughter and lots of fun! The volunteers have done a fantastic job and created a great time for the children and youths of Internat Shagan. Thank you so much! Also a big thank you to everyone who has supported us and made it possible to organize this year’s summer camp.

As always it is very hard to leave all the beautiful children and youths at Internat Shagan. We are already looking forward to next year’s camp 🙂



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