JOY Centre for Child Development

In March 2014 JOY was able to open JOY Centre for Child Development in Baku. This is a centre for disabled children living at home and their families. The centre provides individual and group sessions for children where the focus is on developing motor skills,, social abilities and communication. Parents recieve information and training in different methods and relvevant topics for their child. Today there are 7 employees at the centre.

JOY cooperates with the local organization United Aid for Azerbaijan (UAFA). UAFA was established in 1998, and Gwen Burchell is the leader of the organization.  UAFA is responsible for the daily operations of JOY Centre for Child Development, and JOY is responsible for building competence. For JOY this involves training of the staff in order to secure the children and their families to get the best possible experience.

JOY Centre for Child Development generates income by charging a fee for the families who uses its’ services. One goal is that families with a challenging economy will get the chance to enjoy services for free through a sponsor program JOY is currently developing. Another goal is that the centre will be self-driven and not dependent on grants to survive. A potential surplus from the income will be used to expand the centre and to develop services for disabled children in the regions of, and at institutions in, Azerbaijan.