JOY was founded in Norway in 2005 as an ideal, politically independent and religiously neutral  organisation. JOY’s goal is to provide disabled children in countries from the former Soviet Union with activities and resources so they can develop and learn. The organisation was founded as a result of experiences done in the above-mentioned countries. We saw that activity, emotional and physical stimulation and time to play are given little priority in an everyday full of harsh discipline, routines and lack of resources. It also became clear to us that lack of knowledge about disabled children enhanced this, which resulted in children who are frightened, underdeveloped, acting out and inverted.

Our Work
JOY is currently engaged with work  at JOY Centre for Child Development in Baku, and in one orphanage, Internat Shagan, located 45 minutes from Baku city centre. In Internat Shagan JOY is involved in organising the activity groups and the annual summer camp. You can read more about our work here:

JOY Centre for Child Development

JOY Summer Camp

Activity groups

The method of Active Learning




Contact details


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